A unique combination of knifemaking and an African Safari

Start your itinerary with an advanced knifemaking course under the guidance of Herucus,  renowned knifemaker, whilst staying as his guest in their traditional South African family home. Then, enjoy Africa’s great bundu bashing excursions and indigenous experiences.


Experience South African culture and cuisine

From glam camping to ultimate wilderness lodges, unwind and become bedazzled with Africa’s great outdoors. Go swagger at Kruger Park or enjoy the jaw-dropping sunsets at a river in Botswana. Discuss your adventure dream with Herucus’ team who will create and accompany your family on a customised African Safari - built with unforgettable memories.

Your journey starts here


Advanced Knifemaking as a guest

Become a force in high-end handmade knifemaking under the guidance of Herucus during a 5-day advanced course while your family enjoy the hospitality of his traditional South African home. Enjoy the scrumptious home-cooked meals of Charmaine, his wife, a phenomenal artist in her own right and indulge in the local culture. Different hobbies and interests are catered for to allow for a well-rounded experience. This offer only applies in combination with a booked Safari.

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