This custom made LL11 knife by Herucus Blomerus Custom Knifemaker, was selected to be engraved with the same scene engraving to match a 12 gauge s/s Spendal custom shotgun.
500NE by Ales Spendal with reflex sight. Ammo boxes by Techno Frames.


The 500 NE by Ales Spendal is a familiar icon of The Powder Keg; seen in our adverts and on our stationary. Ales intended for this big bore to be paired with a 12/12 side by side and to be called the Spendal Royal Combo. Given the high investment of the “Combo” I negotiated with Ales at the time to break the “Combo” and for me to buy the 500 NE stand alone.

This unique custom big bore helped The Powder Keg establish a leadership reputation in big bore and custom guns. That success has now allowed The Powder Keg to purchase the 12/12 side by side and to complete the original intent of a Spendal Royal Combo. The shotgun remained in a “white” condition after I broke the “Combo”, which allowed The Powder Keg to participate in the final engraving.

The same engraver from Ferlach Austria who engraved the 500 NE engraved the 12/12 side by side. This is a work of art carried out by the best. The 12/12 side by side is again part of the original intent of Ales, a Spendal Royal Combo.

It does not get any better than this “Combo”. The Powder Keg and the world’s finest gun maker joined to make the “Combo” a reality for generations to marvel on. Why a COMBO and not a PAIR? Ales never produces any two guns the same, that is his stamp of authenticity of what handmade and custom guns should be.

It is hardly possible to think how such a COMBO could be further enhanced. Below are two Herucus Blomerus custom knives hand engraved by the same engraver to match the engraving of the COMBO.

This Ales Spendal Royal Combo and Herucus Blomerus knives were on display.