Let There Be Knives

More than 32 years ago, Herucus slowly developed his hobby into part-time knifemaking. Since then, he has become a talented knifemaker and created custom handmade knives.

Herucus’ talented manufacturing skills and innovative designs have earned him a respectable position in the highly regarded Knife Makers Guild of South Africa since the year 2000. His popularity also led to membership in the Knife Makers Guild of the United States. Since then, Herucus has been invited regularly to exhibit at major Knife Shows around the world. His knives are also frequently showcased in the popular Blade’s KNIVES magazine.

What Makes Herucus Blomerus Knives So Unique?

This talented artist honours creativity, innovation and engineering, influenced by his enduring love for creating authentic knives that mean something to him personally. Also, a list of quality materials to choose from makes decision-making easier for the knife collector’s next unique custom masterpiece. Then the journey starts with several face-to-face video calls from Herucus,  followed by discussion sessions and regular updates through photos and videos. Herucus pioneers engineering jigs for beyond-the-norm custom handmade knives whilst incorporating kaleidoscopic design work. But, it is the aesthetic flow of his art form and precise craftsmanship that makes all the difference. There is an undeniable appeal to Herucus’ functional art that keeps on shaping into blockbusters: each component of the knife is perfectly fitted by hand, so each knife is unique. That said, his knives’ smooth action really defines the quality of his work.

“Thank you for coming to Australia for the Sydney Knife Show. The action, fit and finish are absolutely gorgeous and the materials are stunning. Everyone that handled it told me it was the smoothest action they had ever felt. You are a gentleman and great to deal with.”

Collector from Australia.

Pay It Forward

Mentorship of South African intermediate knife makers is close to Herucus’ heart and part of his purpose. He readily offers his expertise and professional knowledge from a more experienced perspective to advance their knife-making skills.  Interested knife makers can contact Herucus to book mentorship classes with him in his workshop in Pretoria.