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We create premium customised handmade knives, mentor knife makers and offer African Safari tours with high-end knifemaking courses.
  • Collector in USA
    Herucus and his wife are the most kind-hearted people on this planet. They are a breath of fresh air in a world of ‘Me-Me-Me’. They care about people. They care about our opinions and just genuinely want people to be happy. They are what makes his already amazing brand even more desirable. With Herucus, you get world-class craftmanship and even better customer service.
    Collector in USA
  • Collector
    I could not be happier with Herucus Blomerus knives. I have had many custom knives built, but working with Herucus is different. He brings a level of professionalism that I am not used to. It starts with a video call giving you a tour of his workshop in South Africa. This is where Herucus separates himself from others. I must have had six or seven face-to-face video calls designing my knife, going over every detail and bouncing ideas off each other. So much fun! Do not be afraid to ask for something different. He literally made custom jigs just for my knife. He keeps you so involved that by the time your knife is ready, you will feel like you made it yourself.
  • Collector J
    Herucus, because of what you do and how you do it is what makes collecting not just buying. Your knives all have their own unique personalities. That is why people choose to collect.
    Collector J
  • Collector from USA.
    I met Herucus during the ’23 Blade Show in America, and was in awe of his outstanding work: the design and build process, the quality, construction, aesthetics and the brilliant smooth action of the mechanical artwork.
    Collector from USA.
  • Collector from Australia.
    Thank you for coming to Australia for the Sydney Knife Show. The action, fit and finish are absolutely gorgeous and the materials are stunning. Everyone that handled it told me it was the smoothest action they had ever felt. You are a gentleman and great to deal with.
    Collector from Australia.
  • Collector in USA

    A Herucus Blomerus knife is a free expression of art, form and design, with quality combinations of materials and perfect workmanship. That is why I have collected over 80 Herucus Blomerus custom handmade knives so far.

    Collector in USA
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Uniquely Yours

It all starts with a design and a plethora of materials that you choose. The Maker then combines his passion, exceptional craftmanship and 130 processes to create your exclusive high-end handmade collectors knife.
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Custom Handmade Knives

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Why collect a Herucus Blomerus knife?

“Sophisticated Mechanisms in HB Custom Handmade Flipper Knives.”


Custom Project?

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